How the Public Uses SEO


One of the essential matters in building your online strategy based on SEO is for you to catch you audience’s attention and interest. Once you are able to successfully do so, it would be easier to keep those users and maybe turn them into patrons.

Do It for the Audience, Not the Bots
Though SEO is used to boost your webpage, you should not forget that the main aim is to generate as much users or audience as possible. The bots are there too aid you, but remember to keep your contents if possible favorable for the search engine bots as well as your audience.

In order to optimize effectively the use of SEO without spamming, you should bear in mind the queries people mostly use. Base it from WHAT, HOW, WHERE, and WHY.

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What, generate contents that answers queries regarding the usual “WHATs” people would usually look for such as, what are the best deals available (vacation), what would be the best song for moving on, what is the definition of SEO, what is the real name of Harry Potter, or even what is the best outfit for super-sized women, etc.

How, the internet is already a savior, especially in terms of providing information and DIYs. Be a steward of this information and provide contents that are useful to the audience. Supply them with data regarding HOWs such as; how to minimize hair fall, how to fix a broken CD player, how to replace cellphone LCD, how to cook lasagna, and other possible how-tos.

Where and why, though these two may be less popular search than the others, make your contents useable and helpful to all.

Remember, when a possible audience or reader types a query on the search box and it lands on your site, the reaction of the visitor is the search engine’s measure whether you really deserve a rank or not. Did the user immediately click on the back button as soon as having a glimpse of your site? Did they like the content and shared it? Did your sight develop a topic that generates conversation as seen on the number of comments? These questions are just some factors that search engines are keeping track of in order to ensure to supply only relevant links and results to the user.

How the Audience Uses SEO
The audience formulates questions on their mind, and then they’ll start to look for the answer. With the use of the search bar, people use search engines and hope to get relevant solutions. The keywords used by the seeker are important to all the sites since it would determine if they are searchable or not. After typing in the keywords or query and hitting the search button, the search engine generates results. The seeker will then look for titles that would best satisfy them. By clicking the link, the seeker has the option to read through until the end or exit the site and look for other options.

Satisfying SEO may be good on landing a rank for your website, but if you want to retain that spot for a long duration, it is important for you to generate contents and keywords that won’t confuse the seeker and supply them with useful ideas.

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